⚙️Project Overview

With a skilled and based team at the core, $LORD will become a success. With a combination of high quality visuals and the best marketing this community focused project is aiming to go to the moon. $LORD Minting Dapp: The Dragon Lord team will create their own custom NFT Minting Dapp where investors can mint NFTs. You will not only be the coolest community member with an NFT but there will also be extra utility added for these NFTs where the holders will profit from. Keep an eye out for updates on our social media as updates will be shared there. The Knight or Dragon Alliances: Be part of an alliance and rock an NFT of your alliance as profile picture. These NFTs will be free for holders that hold a minimum amount of $LORD. Show off your cool NFT to others and make sure your alliance is more might than the other one. - There will be random activities that will trigger and prizes can be given away to one of the alliances. First by a spin of a wheel the winning alliance is chosen, then within this alliance a lucky NFT holder will win the prize. - There will be a live count on the website showing how many NFT holders / members each alliance has. At random points in time, the alliance with the most members will be rewarded as they will win the battle. Smart Contract Excellence & Security: The Contract is developed and audited by Coinsult a trusted party in the Web3 industry. Go check outh their website (https://coinsult.net/) and their Twitter (https://x.com/CoinsultAudits). Here is the link to the audit: