Phase 1: The Awakening The first stage is creating a vision that we make a reality.

  • Concept Creation: Brainstorming what type of project can be fun for investors.

  • Logo Creation: Logo creation is one of the most important steps as a logo can make or break a project.

  • Website Creation: The creation of the Dragon Lord website and choosing which sections we want to include.

  • Writing the Dragon Lord Story

Phase 2: The Enchantment Getting the last things ready and preparing for the presale and launch.

  • Social Media Creation: The creation of the Twitter page and the Telegram groups

  • Contract + Audit: The contract and audit are done by Coinsult a trusted party in the web3 space.

  • First Marketing Campaign: The first marketing campaing to spread awareness and attract investors.

Phase 3: The Adventure The Adventure begins during this phase as here the presale and launch will happen.

  • Presale on Pinksale: There will be a presale on Pinksale with a small hardcap.

  • Launch on PancakeSwap: After a successful presale on Pinksale, $LORD will launch on PancakeSwap at a specific announced time and date.

  • NFT Mint: During this phase the NFT mint will happen. Be prepared as there will only be a limited supply of NFTs.

Phase 4: The Alliance The alliance program is at the center of attention in this phase.

  • Launch Alliance Program: There will be an alliance program available for investors to join.

  • More Partnerships: The Dragon Lord team will look for more projects to partner with to grow.

  • New Updated Roadmap: A new updated roadmap will be introduced at the end of this phase.